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Teresa Pastor

Teresa Pastor was born in Long Beach, California and moved to Louisiana as a small child. Already an entrepreneur, at age 10, she sold 3,000 boxes of girl scout cookies in one season. At the young age of 19, she embarked on her first business venture. Teresa attended colleges in Lafayette, Louisiana, earning her bachelors degree in Industrial Design & later an MBA. By 2008, Teresa developed one of the first websites teaching the art of "extreme couponing." Doing public speaking around Louisiana, she taught her methods in libraries, coffee shops, and churches...even landing her a spot on a local television show, GMA, and writing a weekly article on frugal living, for The Daily Advertiser. In 2009, ready to invest in Real Estate, she acquired her Real Estate License. In the middle of the economic crash, she became certified in distressed properties, and became a top sales person at her company. In 2015, she took another leap to assist in opening a new Real Estate brokerage & became a Real Estate Broker. Teresa is currently an Associate Real Estate Broker, for District South Real Estate Co, which currently holds the record for the most sales per agent in the Acadiana area.

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