the district crew

As an agent-focused brokerage, we embrace the unique characteristics of each person who works at District South. We are a team of individuals using our strengths to gain success for every client and every agent.

Agents listed in alphabetical order

Alex Mallet

Alyson Finch

Amel Kates

Bailey Begnaud

Bess Stephenson

Blair Broussard

Blake Bernard

Brent Lassere

Candra Scott

Carrie Théard

Celina Michel

Christine Van Eaton

Cody Musgrove

Emily Branch McCaig

Gina Reese

Jalyn Plaisance

Jamie Knight

Janet Soprano

Jeremy Broussard

Jeremy Finch

Joe Kishbaugh

Jolie Meaux

Julie Politz

Kari Walker

Katie Daigle

Kayla Granger

Kristen Gardemal

Lauren Pryor

Leslie Wooters

Lexi Langlinais Anthony

Lindsey Reed

Mark Van Eaton

Melissa Gaubert

Natalie Stewart

Nicole ElDarragi Young

Noelle Orlando Montgomery

Paige Gary

Rachel Lee

Reba Crochet

Renee Richard

Ryan Parrish

Sean Hettich

Shannon Broussard

Shannon McCollum

Spencer Cobb

Sylvia McLain

Whitney Fogleman

Yvette Naquin-Guidry

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